Cooperation with Netflix and other leading SVoD services

Pickbox NOW, the Croatian SVoD service, has become a member of the European VOD Coalition, together with leading streaming services that include Netflix, Discovery, Sky Media, CHILI, FilmDoo, Nordic Entertainment Group AB, Univerciné Belgium, TVN  and ContentScope.

By entering the Coalition, Pickbox NOW is representing countries from the Adria region in the mission aimed at regulating the European TV market. The Croatian service is also present in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia and Montenegro, providing all content with translations to four languages in the region.

Coalition for the regulation of the European VOD market

The European VOD Coalition is an association of leading video-on-demand (VOD) companies whose joint mission is to inform the public, decision-makers and regulatory bodies about the importance and specific elements of the European VOD sector. The priorities are focused on the regulation of the media and audio-visual sector and the defining of copyright issues within film and television production and distribution.

Members of the Coalition share common goals and principles which include the following:

  • Support for the European audio-visual and streaming sector in the creation of European content and its promotion to the global public
  • Encouraging innovation in the process of creating film and TV content
  • Encouraging creativity and innovation in the development of online entertainment
  • Providing broader content to the consumer

With respect to entering the European VOD Coalition, Sanja Božić-Ljubičić, owner and director of the Pickbox company, said:

“We are proud that Pickbox is in the company of leading VOD services whose common goals it shares. Along with developing European audio-visual and digital leadership, and encouraging innovation and creativity, market regulation is most definitely one of the priorities. The industry is undergoing a significant transformation, and we are proud to represent the Adria region within the Coalition.“

 Cooperation with the largest telecoms in the Adria region

Pickbox was the first to popularise SVOD services in Croatia, and introduced the public to the media transformation that is currently being carried out and led by globally renowned companies.

Entering the Coalition represents another significant achievement of this on-demand service which has over the years forged partnerships with the biggest telecoms in the region: United Group (SBB, Telemach Slovenia, Telemach Bosnia and Herzegovina, Telemach Montenegro, Total TV Serbia, Total TV BiH, Total TV Slovenia, Total TV Montenegro), Croatian Telecom, mts (Telekom Serbia, mtel Bosnia and Herzegovina, mtel Montenegro), Macedonian Telecom, Telecom Slovenia and T2.

Pickbox NOW can be accessed by PCs, Android and iOS mobile devices and Android Smart television sets, as well as using Chromecast.


Pickbox NOW brings the best of Hollywood and European productions from the world of series and films via an online video on-demand service and through the offer of select telecom operators in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro